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We're passionate about helping small businesses like yours share your unique voice and value with your audience. Our collaborative approach means we'll work closely with you to develop engaging and informative content that speaks directly to your target market. Let us help you attract, interest, and engage your audience to grow your business today!


  • We consult with you and your business to focus on your marketing goals and results.
  • We then develop and action a creative strategy that is centered around accomplishing your goals and marketing objectives.
  • The original creative content that is consistently published to your audience will tell the story of you and your business, driving attention and focus to your marketing goals
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How It Works

Starting with reverse engineering the clients goals, Olympus Analytics brings clarity and actionable steps to accomplish these client goals. Most often, business owners will face the issue of not knowing how, or not having enough time to formalize a data driven strategy to build, strengthen, and expand their social audience. Constructing a strategy to accomplish the clients goals and then executing on that strategy monthly is part of the core offering that Olympus Analytics provides.

How It Works

Video marketing is no longer a luxury for businesses, it's a necessity. Organizing all the pieces to create a high-volume, high-quality, genuine and authentic video campaign is a complicated process, not including the part of being yourself while on camera. The video content creation service that Olympus Analytics provides is a white-glove, end-to-end service that lets you be yourself while we manage all the heavy lifting and technical details. From story-boarding and pre-filming planning, through the day of filming, to post-production and editing, you can focus on being your authentic self. We creatively partner with you to help capture and show your stories to the world.


  • We creatively partner with you and your business to build a plan of action around your marketing goals and objectives.
  • Your goals are structured into value adding short-format video clips, that helps build a trusting connection between you and your audience.
  • We film you and your team, onsite at location, on a recurring schedule.
  • We edit and produce the footage into short and engaging videos that will be published to your social media channels.
  • Your feedback is important, always. This is a creative partnership where your feedback will be factored into the design every step of the way.
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  • Managing your social media presence is a creative partnership between us.
  • We consistently create and publish original and value adding content to your profiles, you share other insightful content that supports your values on your stories.
  • By scheduling out this original and value adding content, you can be reassured that your social media audience is keeping you and your brand front of mind.
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How It Works

A common obstacle that businesses owners face is missing out on opportunities to connect with their audience due to their busy schedules. Creating and maintaining a strong social media presence requires time and expertise to consistently create, publish, and strategize engaging content.  We developed a creative partnership with the client, working closely with them to understand their values and goals. In addition to creating original, value-adding content that resonates with the audience to reinforce brand identity, we also help by interacting with the audience. By engaging with the community and responding to comments, we free up valuable time for the client to focus on their business.

Too many channels, not enough time?

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Picture of Theo Hall, owner of Olympus Analytics.

Theo Hall

I started Olympus Analytics in 2019 to help people and businesses tell their story online and through social media. Since then I have had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of different brands and business owners to help tell their story. Original content creation and now more recently, short format video content creation, gives me the opportunity to live out my passion of creative storytelling with the brands of my trusted clients. Creating and delivering value adding content is an endless and fulfilling journey that I look forward to partnering with you and your company on.

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